Monday, December 22, 2008

Mini project - black, white and blue

I've teased you all with my mini B&W project - well after my owls I was thinking of B&W birds - there's only one type that comes to mind at this time of year - they are usually all over christmas cards - yip penguins

Here are nine little penguins and I have them holding together the glacier pincushion

(sorry the 2nd photo isn't the right way around - it is in picasa but doesn't load that way on the blog)

This was fun to make - I started hand piecing in the early evening on Saturday and completed all nine penguins that night (each hand pieced) then made up the cushion on Sunday and stitched everything in place together.

my blog: - sorry there is no link at the side yet!

Oh and incase I'm not on again before the holidays each of you please have a great and safe Christmas


Jackie said...

Hi Ethne,

I love the pinscushion! Sorry for not having the link on the side. I have been slacking with Christmas on its way and need to add several. Also have been a little under the weather. I will add yours now. Merry Christmas!

Leah/ Texas/ United States said...

i absolutely love the penguins! how creative and whimsical! it would make me actually want to pin something ANY day (usually i skip pinning, and usually to my later regret).