Friday, February 27, 2009

Building Peace, Coming Home, Healing...

I've been sick with the flu this week and laying in bed feeling sorry for yourself leads to some serious thinking mind went lots of places and when I felt good enough to sit behind a sewing machine my idea for this challenge materialized.

I made this little quilt, 'Building Peace' for the Illuminated Phrase Challenge a few months ago. Mine is more like an illuminated statement. The quote I chose to illustrate was this one:
"Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures.”
John F. Kennedy

I had dinner with a friend from Houston a week ago. She had just attended her son's homecoming ceremony in Colorado a few days before our dinner. He had served in Iraq for almost a year. While she was proud and so happy he was home, the concern for him, about what he had experienced, and how he might be affected was evident in her face and peeked through her words. I made this second quilt for Owen. It's called 'Coming Home'. It's full of symbolism and messages in the piecing and quilting, but I will leave that to you to interpret.

While I was sewing this quilt I started thinking of my brother-in-law who was in Iraq for 2 tours as an army surgeon. He was in the first push into Baghdad. His wife generously shared letters and emails that he wrote during his tours. I remember talking with him after he returned and he shared how difficult it was to operate and patch men together, conrades and combatants on tables right next to each other. He told me one day he had just saved the life of an insurgent and he pulled one of the field commanders aside and told him to do his job right next time. In other words, he would have rather had the man dead than have had to save his life. He told me he had never seen pure evil before. It was heartwrenching to listen to him talk. It was rare that he did. He is a changed man.

This last quilt is for him. I call it 'Healing'.

I hope you will forgive me the touch of was the perfect addition to give the feeling I was going for. Both quilts are made from the scraps from the first little quilt. (there was a LOT of waste in the cutting of that quilt!)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

mom's completed quilt top... finished her quilt top and sent me pics from florida...i love it! good job, mom! (you are making me look top is still a ufo?????)......:

...must. work. on. and. finish. my. project. too!...

Monday, February 23, 2009

One Top Done....

I finally pieced together my Black & Limey...all blocks were done and hanging beautifully on my design wall all through January and into the first few weeks of February. I took a 2 day trip with a friend to the ocean and put it together! I love how it has turned out! I plan to have a friend quilt it for me, unsure what and how to quilt it yet. I made the borders as wide as the blocks - 8", to show off the design in the fabric. I'm very happy with the end results:

I have another Black/White top to work on as well, that is from a UFO over 2 years ago. I'll pick it up next!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

On top of it!

I got my Fons & Porter magazine yesterday, on the second page was this advertisment!
There are at least 2 other advertisements for black & white fabrics...

I've said it before, but we must be ahead of the curve. :o)

I officially want some of that black & yellow - yellow being my 1 color... (Oh & I am going to cut some yellow after I post this.)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Growing Pains

Growing Pains ~ my black and white and green quilt is finished ~ you can see the pictures here.

It was quilted by Chris Ballard (she used lime green thread and an amazing panto named "Shiva")

Next one is partially cut out ~ will share when there is something worthwhile to see!


Log Cabin Quilt Top finished

Here's the black, white and red log cabin top finished! I am so glad this is done-I was beginning to feel like it was jinxed! I finished the blocks up with no problem but then once I started to do the sashing things started to go wrong-from my first miscutting the sashing too wide to two irons burning out!
Here you can see most of the different whites I used: a white with red, a white with red and black and a white and black polka dot as well as alot of the black and whites.

Here's another black and white-I had bought this fabric years ago at a quilt show: you know, one of those rolled up fat quarters...well when I got it home I discovered it was a skeleton fabric :(
not really me...but it looks great here-I like the boldness of the white.

Here's one more black and white-its a Japanese fabric...that covers all the blacks.

Here's you can see the last white with the small black leaves-I think this was an Elly S reproduction fabric if I remember correctly.
One of the fun things of this project was using all sorts of different "era" fabrics and seeing how well each one added to the other and the overall look.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Black and white and turquoise

I finished my black and white and turquoise quilt. I ended up doing a diagonal grid. I will be delivering it personally to my grandson in the U.S. in less than three weeks. You can see it on my blog.


black & white fabrics

I feel like and enabler... It's not like these are on sale or anything, but I just got an advertisement from Hancock's of Paducah (funny thing - I usually delete them right away, really I do.) & saw black & white fabrics, so I peeked. On the ad, there are actually 2 black & white sets being featured, so we must be right on tract for what is currently popular. :o)

I was soooo tempted to get the black & white minky - but the sticker shock saved me.

(Hopefully I do not indulge on black & whites too much next weekend at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show.)

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Hello Everyone,

I have created a Flickr group for all of you to post your pictures. Part of the reason for this is I am still getting requests to join the group and the blog only allows 100 people to post. I thought this would be a great way for others to join in on the challenge. So go here to join!

I have also added a link in the sidebar.

Happy Quilting,


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Before I had my baby, I asked if it was o.k. to post some inspiration photos from quilt shows...
So here are a few more. (Sorry, I can not give credit.)

black & white and turquoise
black & white & yellow
black & white & pink
black & white & blue
another black & white
Fair quilt
Black & white & yellow
Black & White Challenge
Black & White Challenge
Black & White Challenge (I have that print...)
Black & White Challenge (Not a TATW - there are rectangles in this quilt.)
Black & White Challenge
Black & White Challenge

Most of these hung at a local show (in two different years).

Friday, February 13, 2009

help with photos please...

hi everyone,

i've chosen my extra colour which will be blue and i know what blocks i'm going to make, but i haven't worked out how to upload photos to blogger... help! can somebody contact me and tell me how to do it please - i'm used to using typepad and i'm being completely blogger incompetent!

thanks in advance,
toni :O)


aha!!! it wasn't ME being incompetent - it was my COMPUTER!!! my firewall was blocking everything! here are the first couple of blocks i've made.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

progress on mom's (cheri-no-blog) quilt...'s turning out great, isn't it?...i love it, mom!...:

p.s. mom wanted me to thank you for all of your kind comments...especially on her pink representing her being a breast cancer survivor......

My quilttop is finished!!

Design: Lise Bergene

My quilt top for the Black an white Quilt challenge is finished and I am so happy.
It is going to be a sofaquilt and I plan to send it away to be quilted. I feel a lot safer leaving the quilting to someone pro, Quilt'n Arendal. I am thinking about having fleece as backing , what do you think?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Color choice made!!

It took me a while to finally settle on my one additional color for the Black and White Challenge: ice blue. I saw a quilt online months ago made in black, white and ice blue and it was stunning!! Now, I'm not saying that my quilt will be, but at least it will have stunning colors. I'm not one who typically likes brights, and I've always thought brights went well with black and white. In order to tone down the quilt, I've chosen this:

I left the photo a bit larger than normal, hopefully, you will be able to see the fabric color well.

Now, I have to decide on a pattern!!!

Posted by Paula

Monday, February 9, 2009

Making Progress...

...albeit a little slower than some.

So I got this fantastic striped fabric, onsale last month. I am using this to make a literal ton of HST's for a border. I made over 150 of these only to find that it was not quite enough.
They are going together in strips like this and make up the last border (1.5") on my lap quilt. What you can't detect is that that quilt (below) is actually in 3 pieces so that I can machine quilt it. I have actually quilted one of the sections, but have not yet photographed it. I made a quilt at Christmastime like this and it worked very well. It was completely indistinguishable that it was made in pieces. I am hoping to quilt one section every couple weeks. It is tedious quilting, and quite honestly, I have lost steam on this quilt and have refocused my interests elsewhere. I will finish it soon though!

What's black and white and red all over?

My Baskets of News quilt. I started this well before this challenge began, but I won't be getting to my other b/w project for months, so I'm sharing this finish with you.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Quilt Exhibit

There is a quilt exhibit being held in the Washington DC area. For more information, go to my blog post.

Curvy tablerunner

Here is the finished product. The more I look at it the more I like it. This project was all about new techniques for me....couching, random stiching/quilting and even the way I put the binding on (I strayed from my normal way and mixed it up a bit - don't mind the results but will need more practice before I try it on a quilt). Blogged about it here.


I think inspiration has finally struck!
I got my little collection together this morning and for some or other reason I have more black on white than white on black. Hmmm...
Sunday Stash

Block for the B/W/Turquoise

Thanks for all the nice comments on my Black, White and Turquoise!

In a comment on my own blog, Anne asked me what the block is called. I would call it a double four patch. Here is a closeup of one block so you can see the placement of the patches.

Now I think I need ideas for some easy quilting. I'm inclined to just make a diagonal grid in order to finish it fast and to avoid extra strain on my brain. Any better ideas?


Friday, February 6, 2009

One top finished!

I've got my scrappy black and white top finished, basted and ready to quilt. I don't remember the exact dimensions, about 40+ x 50+ inches.

Check out my giveaway on my blog, I'm participating in the OWOH blog giveaway event.


Thursday, February 5, 2009


I am 99% sure that it is by Andover Fabrics.

Blogged here as well)...
Have you ever purchased a piece of fabric only to wonder why later?

I know exactly why & where I purchased these two fat quarters, but that doesn't make me like them any more...

You see, I purchased these for at lease 3 reasons.
1. black & white
2. both black on white & white on black
3. words
4. circles (this one is pushing it.)

To this day, when I "read" the fabric I still have no idea what it means. Why did the manufacturer print it? Why did the vendor purchase it? Maybe they had my rationale?

Oh well, I am using them in my black & white challenge quilt.

Black/White/Red ... again?

Okay ... I know . . . it's that old black and white with red again . . . I cannot help it, IT IS my FAVORITE! So these are just some hearts that I paper-pieced for a friend. I hope she will enjoy the colors as I do!

Well . . . these strips represent an attempt (at least) to break away from the black and white with red . . . I hope I will enjoy the finish as much as I do my favorite. Stay tuned . . . teeheehee!
UPDATE: PROGRESS ON THAT BLACK/WHITE plus BLUE . . . I have no idea what the end will be, but I like what's happening so far . . .

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My first

I have finished my first Black and White challenge, it is quilted and ready to hang up or go in the cupboard ;-) I don`t have much empty wallplace.

I did free motion quilting in the big tree section and way lines at the black and white sections.

I have enjoy to work at this piece, and will properly make one or two more.

balck and white


udsnit 1