Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Bag!

Hello Everyone,

So I can't stop making these little bags!! Just love them! This one fits right in here with one color... Orange.

The Button

The Front

Want to see more to to my blog here, some more black and white posted!

Also, the above bag is up for sale in my Etsy shop!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Another bag is finished

Ny veske som er veldig inspirert av AnnaKa. Som dere sikkert vet er jeg veldig glad i sort, hvitt og rødt og i å sy vesker..
Denne har jeg ingen planer for så denne henger jeg opp på quilterommet kanskje noen kommer forbi og får lyst på den ;-)

Another bag is finished and it is very much inspired by the norwegian designer AnnaKa. As you know I love using black, white and red in my projects and it is a lot fun sewing bags. I do not have any plans for this special bag so I will put in my sewing room . Maybe someone will come along and pick it up somehow ;-)
I have already finished my black and white quilt but I thought maybe I should show it to you too. I have had so much fun following this black and white quilt challenge. Thank you Jackie for making this happen...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Finally I am contributing! Here is my finish . . .

I haven't posted a quilt or project yet on this blog and at one point I wondered if I would even complete the Black and White Challenge. After I finished my daughter's graduation quilt I realized: Hey! This quilt is black, white and Eagles green! A light went off in my head. I was shocked to realize I made my challenge quilt and didn't even know it. Ha.
If you read my blog you know this isn't my favorite quilt. But that aside, it works for what it is for - Jamie and her love of football and the Eagles and to commemorate her graduation in 2009.
And technically the quilt has "light black" in it, too. But I'm sayin' that is ok. Deal? The quilt has actually grown on me now that I'm done messing with the fabric and deciding what to do with it. It will look great in Jamie's room and it will always be something that I can remember I made in 2009. I had it machine quilted by an edge to edge quilter. I picked out a "graduation 2009" theme for the quilting. And it says 2009 on the quilt. So it is perfect for the challenge. Too bad the quilter quilted the pattern on the back of the quilt so the 2009 is backwards on the front. It is a good thing Jamie is easy to please. It will always bug me, but oh well. It is just fabric after all.

But I am certainly celebrating my 2009 Black and White challenge finish! Yayyy.

-nanette merrill

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Inspiration from a quilt show


Finally, a Finish!

Alas, my black & white quilt is completed! Read more about it on my blog.