Friday, February 20, 2009

black & white fabrics

I feel like and enabler... It's not like these are on sale or anything, but I just got an advertisement from Hancock's of Paducah (funny thing - I usually delete them right away, really I do.) & saw black & white fabrics, so I peeked. On the ad, there are actually 2 black & white sets being featured, so we must be right on tract for what is currently popular. :o)

I was soooo tempted to get the black & white minky - but the sticker shock saved me.

(Hopefully I do not indulge on black & whites too much next weekend at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show.)

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Bebesboutique said...

Those pestky ads! I know I get those emails too and just have to delete delete delete at times without opening. But you know next week is payday hmmm... lol I love black and white. Wish I would have gotten in this challenge earlyer. Have fun at the quilt show!