Monday, January 12, 2009

This message is brought to you

from a gal who has far too many black & white prints.

These & more are the reason why I signed up!

FYI Most are a fat quarter & I got several in FQ bundles.

For several years, I purchased every cat print that I could find, including the black & whites.
I also have a thing for positive/negative pairs & apparently I have a thing for polka dots too!

black on white black on white

mostly black on white mostly black on white

More on my flickr - computer probles are keeping me from uploading more. (I am on a school PC - enough said!) There you can see my cat prints & my white on blacks as well as a few that can only be described as 50/50.


Catherine said...

What a great variety you have!

Jackie said...

You sound just like me, way too many B & W fabrics. Love them though!!

pattynubs said...

I have recently found your blog and I am a black and white collector also. I don't know why - I just am. I also have quite a collection of gray. I am the type though that cannot stop at a fat quarter - I am talking at least a yard and maybe 3, 4, or 5 depending on how much I love the print. With inspiration from your site, I hope to turn my collection into something fab! Thanks so much!

Kritta22 said...

I would say that polka dots was another one of your favroites!! LOL I love them all!

henny said...

What so many wonderful B & W you have! We don't have as many patterns like that here.
You know what, if I let myself ... I'll also go to the fabric shop almost every week to purchase a new fabric :)