Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thank You

Thank you for inviting me to join this exciting challenge. I know that I will be making more than just one black and white piece throughout the next year. I have been collecting black and white fabrics for a while now and I have decided that it is time to put them to use!

- Norma

Betty Boop Goes to Hollywood

I was browsing through my picture files yesterday and found this quilt. I forgot all about it. I made it for a very dear friend's daughter for her college graduation. She was a film major with aspirations of working in Hollywood.

She loves Betty Boop and her favorite colors are black, white, and red. I fussy cut the centers of the squares to show Betty. The fabric was printed like film strips. I decided on squares to mimic the frames on the film strip. Many times I buy the fabric and let it sit for a while until it "speaks" to me.

~Piecefully, Stephanie

Friday, November 28, 2008

Fabrics Chosen...

I pulled out the fabrics for my first B&W challenge quilt ~ Roses are Red.  I have a couple other projects in front of this, but I'll be starting on this in January if all goes well.


Many Thanks for This Invitation

Hi everyone… I’m really exciting and looking forward to joining this group and many thanks to Jackie for the invitation :)
I’m not a quilter yet, I have been learning to sew (only straight line) for about 4 months now. I did hand sewing because no sew machine at home. Actually, I hate sewing before :)

My interested in quilting started when I visited my friend’s house on our Christmas vacation last year and saw her beautiful quilting work hanging at her living room’s wall. Back to our hometown, I tried to find quilting course but no one. So..when I found Jackie’s blog, I feel so excited. I was inspired by what she’s doing with all her beautiful quilt works. I was glad when she visitid my blog and gave some suggestions to start sew and learn to quilt. She and many other blogging good friends really had motivated me along the way in my first quilt project.

So when I knew this 'black and white challenge' I encouraged my self to join because I know I’ll learn more and get to know amazing people in quilting world.. So, don’t be surprised when I asked some ‘silly’ questions later because I truly a beginner.
Here are the fabrics I found for this project. I haven't make up my mind which one I would choose.I’ll start this project after New Year.

I want to finish my first project I’m in batting session, almost finish! :)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Black and White Inspiration

I asked my daughter to bring home the quilt I made for her high school graduation in 2004.

It all started with this fashion Vogue fabric by Alexander Henry. I chose the pattern with her approval

and she chose the pinks for the "spiral". I took a class to make this quilt and it's actually very easy. Varying the shades and placement of the pinks against the black and white background makes the "spiral" really pop. The back of the quilt is HOT PINK flannel. The color combination was inspired by a pair of converse tennis shoes.
I probably will not use pink as my third color.
~Piecefully, Stephanie

A head full of ideas -

- but no time to put them into action before after Christmas :-)

Introducing myself - Hanne from Norway

Thanks for letting me join the challenge!

I have a box of black fabrics, and I Need to use them.
At the same time I have a very soft spot for making charity quilts, and I know that my favourite charity here in Norway, children with long term diseases, are short of quilts suitable for boys (age 0 -18)
I think I can put my black stash to good use there :-)

Looking forward to see where this challenge will bring me!

Hi and thanks for the invitation to join the challenge!

Hi everyone, I'm really looking forward to joining in with this challenge. I LOVE black and white fabrics. I'm not sure what my 'other colour' will be at this point. There are a few ideas floating around in this little brain of mine though *vbg*. Anyway, it's great to be on board and I'm looking forward to getting to know you all and seeing what wonderful projects come out of the challenge!
toni :O) xxx

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Black and white and red all-over"

That's a line from an old joke and it's going to be the title of the quilt that I see in my head - a crazy name for a crazy quilt! I'll have to pull my black and white fabrics together and take a photo of the fabrics I'll use. This will probably be for my son as he loves black and red. Thanks for the opportunity to join your challenge!!!


I think I will 'lurk' for awhile and get inspired by quilters with more experience. I have several, not quite many, black and white prints. I am thinking of using shades of sunny yellow/lemon yellow for my color choice.

Have great holidays, I will get started after the holiday sewing is completed.

Pulling Fabrics

Thank you so much for including me in this fun challenge! I've been looking for an inspiration (kick in the pants) to get me working through my black and white stash. I didn't even realize how well this group ties in with my guild's Spring challenge until I started pulling fabrics this morning.

Originally I was thinking of doing "Completely Dotty" in Black and White and Green/Turquoise/Blue. I was going to call it "Green Revolution". I got to thinking about how our world has changed completely over the last few years and how if we keep going 'green' we'll be able to keep our skies blue! That led me to trying to incorporate my guild challenge fabrics into my stack of fabrics. The theme for this year's Guild Challenge is "Like Night and Day" and we received three great fabrics in our packages: two black and whites and one blue, black and white fabric (Califon Mark Lapinski’s Home Collection # 3003, # 3005 and Mark Lapinski’s Krakow Collection 3014). In the photo the B/Ws have already been incorporated into the stash and the blue is the second one from the bottom.

Of course once I added these new fabrics to my pile my colour changed completely from green to blue. Now I need a new title lol! And maybe even a new design. Back to the old drawing board.

Thank you for letting me play. . . .

Good Morning All:

Thank you, Jackie, for letting me play with all of the fellow Black & White & one color challenge.

I have participated in many doll quilt sized swaps in the past so I am thinking that I may do a series of doll quilts using a different "accent" color in each one.

I do have a question though. . . .is the one color just to be one fabric, or can we use all the value variations of a single color (ex. butter yellow, medium yellow and gold, etc.)?

It should be fun to start seeing what everyone comes up with to make!

Happy Thanksgiving (to those who celebrate it) and Happy Quilting to everyone!

In peace & pieces,

Sherry V.

My Stash and Color Pick

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that I will be making multiple projects over the next year. You will see why when you see the next 3 photos of my black and white stash. Yes, it took 3 photos to incorporate all my B & W stash. 

And I have already begun piecing my project and have included the following fabrics for my color choice ..... ORANGE! I thought these looked great with the Black and White and I pieced my 1st block yesterday. It does look great. But I am not showing you yet....

Happy Thanksgiving to all!! And Happy Quilting!


Checking In

I have a plan and a pattern picked out but haven't started sewing yet. I'm spending this holiday week cleaning up my sewing room. Then I need to print the patterns, as I will be paper piecing this doozie. Can't wait to get started on it.

I thought I had my 3rd color picked, but last night I was dreaming about black & white quilts and my quilt had a different color than what I was thinking. Do you ever do that? Have a quilt and colors in mind and something prompts you to change your color scheme?



How do we get the button with the B&W challenge?
I am sooo new, it's not even funny!
I'm used to the copy/paste things at the bottom of buttons. I want it to be able to link back here, otherwise I'd just save the picture.
Can someone help?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Idea #1: what do you think?

I'm testing out several ideas, but here is one I keep coming back to. What do you think?

I couldn't wait to get my hands on the September issue of McCall's Quick Quilts for this very idea:

Seriously, I couldn't wait; the pattern is called Pesto Presto. There are some other projects in the magazine that I want to do, but this one I couldn't wait for. I finally have an excuse to make it. I can't wait to get my fat quarters that I ordered from one of the fellow B & W challenger's. Now I just have to hope I have enough of the "other" color.

What do you think?

-Until next time

One more Happy to be here!

Hello! My name is Krista. Thank you so much for letting me play with you guys.
I'm a newbie quilter. I'm so excited to learn from all of you! This is such a great project! Thanks for including me!
I love that cat quilt but seriously, I think I need about 30 more quilts (give or take 100) under my belt before I try anything like that!!!
This was my first big quilt.I learned my lesson with 'cheaper' fabrics from a big retail store. I had to go back and hand sew a lot of the seams because they just fell apart. Especially that light blue.
Anyway thanks for letting me play!!

Another Happy To Be Here

I'm very excited about this project. I have a few B&W fabrics. This gives me an excuse for more LOL. I haven't made but one quilt and a few table runners as far as quilting goes but I make a lot of other things. This will encourage me to make a quilt. I can't wait to read all the blogs. Nice to meet you all!

Happy to Be Here ~

Thanks, Jackie ~ I'm happy to be a part of this challenge!  I've long had a photo of my black and white stash in the sidebar album of my blog ~ "Quilty Projects Waiting for Attention" ~ and this will be just the motivation I need to get busy and make this quilt for myself.

I've made two B&W quilts before . . . The first was Deeper Than the Stars, which was made for the Alzheimer's Foundation of America's Quilt to Remember project.  I recently posted about this quilt on my blog.

The second was Juxtaposition (shown above).  Made as a birthday gift for a dear family friend, I used the love-it-or-hate-it Yellow Brick Road pattern so that the focus would be on the fabrics instead of intricate piecing. The very narrow green flange was my first attempt at the technique ~ and I (& our friend) love the results.

I do have a plan for my challenge quilt ~ it won't happen until after the first of the year ~ but it WILL happen in 2009.

Looking forward to watching as ya'll share your work here! 


Happy to Join In!

Hi Jackie,

I'm very happy to join the challenge. I have a stash of black and white that I can put to good use. One question. Can the "one other color" be in a black and white fabric? So, a fabric that is black, white and yellow?

Thanks for the invitation,


I'm In

Thanks for the invite Jackie. I'm glad to be joining the challenge. If you look at my post today on my blog, you will see a picture of a fabulous selection of black and whites together at a quilt store I visited Saturday. It got me really excited to see that display. I haven't decided what I'm doing yet but it will really be fun to think of a fun project.

Thanks all! This is a great group of girls - so much talent in this challenge.


New beginnings

I have no stash to share in black and white! I have limited space and tend to purchase per project, and I haven't had a b&w project yet. I am quite tempted by Jane's offer, but may end up over here too. I am super excited by the challenge presented here and can't wait to see what everyone creates :) I will be waiting until after the new year to get started - at least that's the plan! Happy Thanksgiving everyone - Amy

Another bit of inspiration

If nothing else, you must know that I am a cat-a-holic. So this photo covers 2 genres for me...


Has anyone considered cream as their "color?" (Well there are green eyes too...)

I love the black on whites that she used... I have a collection of "cat fur" fabrics, but seeing this expanded my ideas on what could look realistic.

Monday, November 24, 2008

my black and white fats arrived today!

...i had zero, zip, zilch, nada, none black and white fabrics in my i ordered jane's special black and white fats bundle and got them today...=)...:

...aren't they great?...i ordered my mom a set, too...and amazingly enough?...hers are a bit different from mine so that's nice...=) will be so neat to see how different yet similar our quilts turn out...

...30 brand new pieces of fabric patiently waiting for me to do something with you all understand what i mean when i say, "i'm getting excited!"?...=)...

Looking For Black and White Fabric

Hi all,

I know that some of you are looking for Black and White fabrics to add to your stash for this challenge. Jane, who is participating in the challenge, has an e-bay store and has a selection of Black and Whites available. For those of you interested I have added and easy link/widget on the sidebar. Check it out... you may find something you like!!

Happy shopping!!


My B&W Challenge Fabrics

First.....thanks Jackie for challenging us. This is certainly a challenge for me. I don't normally use black and white fabrics. I think I'm going to enjoy this!! I just have to decide on what other color I'm going to use. Will it be hot pink? Or red???

And here are my black and white fabrics....nearly all of them. I probably have a few black prints somewhere in the stash. Maybe some leftovers from Bonnie's Orange Crush Mystery. I participated in a Noodle Swap quite a while back and never did anything with them.

I was also given some fabrics for my 40th birthday. I took most of them and made a top from them. Yeah, it's "summer weight quilt". But, I'll be using the leftovers in this challenge. Even making a B&W quilt, I went a bit traditional!

And finally, if anyone is interested....I found this "skull and crossbones" noodle in the stash. I don't want it in my challenge quilt, but if one of you would be interested, I'll send it to you for free! LOL Different strokes for different folks. Just comment here or e-mail me.

Lack of Black and White Fabric

Calico Cat left this comment for me:
  • Paula - I can't believe that those are your only black & white prints...
I though I would answer her comment here as it helps to explain why this challenge is so appealing to me.

In my previous work life (and now in my consulting work) I do a significant amount of reviewing lines and lines of data and manipulate them to "say something" significant. There is a lot of "gray" work involved and a lot of intuition. The people who work me are very black and white analysts - if the data says "X" to them, then they say "X". It's next to impossible to get them to see the shades of gray in the data.

My fabric choices have always been colorful. I tend to avoid black and white because they seem so "definitive" to me. No room for movement. In fact, of the three FQs I showed in the photo I only bought the music notes and that's because I'm a musician. The other two I received in swaps.

For me the challenge of working in black and white with one other color is in following a set of simple rules and not look for the "gray" areas.

Does this make sense to anyone?
Sweet P

A little icon

Hi everyone,

I'm as excited as all of you to participate in this challenge and see what wonderful creations everyone else comes up with.

With Jackie's permission, I created a little icon we can use in our sidebars.

(If you're not sure how to do this, send me an email and I'll send you some html to copy and paste.)



Thrilled to be Part of This

... black adn white challenge. I love the look of black and white quilts and have wanted to do one for ages. This will get me motivated!

Not sure yet about my pattern but have some ideas.


hi everyone!...

i, too, am very excited about the black and white quilt challenge! mom, cheri (no blog), is also joining in...perhaps i can post some thoughts/pics from her under my name?...

mom and i have both ordered some black and white fat quarters from jane - if you've never been to jane's ebay or etsy sites?...she's got some great fabrics!...=)...

mom's additional color will also be hot pink (is that okay, jane?) is her color as she is a breast cancer survivor...=)...she hasn't decided on a pattern yet...

i'm not sure what pattern i am going to make either, but i have several ideas running through my head...and as far as my additional color?'s a secret!...

it's so nice to meet and be with you all!'s to a fun challenge and a fun year!...=)...thank you, jackie!...


What to do...

My favorite part of quilting is deciding what to do.
My second favorite part is pulling fabrics!

So I was thinking to myself, "Self, you have a lot of quilt show/quilt inspiration photos, you should take a look there for some inspitaration."

So I did & look what I found:
Picture 038

I would not use the orange/yellows - but I love the scrappy black & whites. I think this would be cool with 1 single piece of colored fabric so that you could see its value change based upon the black & white that you surrounded it with...

At quilt shows, I am drawn to black & white based quilts, so I have several photos in my flickr. Would anyone mind if I posted some here for inspiration?


First things first, thanks so much Jackie for creating this challenge and allowing all of us to quilt along with you. I've been wanting to make a black and white quilt for awhile now and this is just the "push" I needed. I was in Chicago this weekend and spent a lovely afternoon at the Chicago Art Institute wandering the museum. I was so inspired by an American architecture exhibit which included the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and the Ray and Charles Eames and many others that I love. It seemed that with everything I saw I said, "this could be a start of a quilt." I think I have the inspiration. Can't wait to get started.

Thanks for letting me join.

If nothing else, I have an extensive black & white stash... I even have one or two black & white "kits" at the ready... But I will have to verify their one color status. (I know that one is hot pink with a touch of lime.)

I love that this is a year long project. With a babe on the way in 2 days, I will need a year to complete "anything" or so I am told.

I have a couple ideas in my head for "what to do" but then again, I have been collecting black & white fabrics for a long time, so...

What got you "into" black & whites? I think I first fell in like with the positive negative aspect - so I usually have the black on white and the white on black versions. Oh & I am a recovering cat fabric collector - so I have quite a few black & white cat prints. :o)

Don't Foget.....

Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder don't forget to add the Black, White and Red Quilt to your sidebar with a link back to this blog.

If you don't know how to do it, here is the low down:

Go to the Layout tab on your blog and click on add a gadget, then click on picture. There you can add the picture and then copy and paste the link

If you have any problems, let me know, but this should do the trick!! Good luck!!


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Stretching my wings...

I'm taking a leap. I'm trying something new. I've joined and online quilt challenge. I know that I'll be the youngest, but what's new. Anytime I go to any quilt meetings or quilt stores or my job and share I'm a quilter I always know that I'm the youngest-always. So, I'm sucking it up and joining a group.

I'm excited. I don't have much black and white fabric, but I do have the "other colors" to go in the quilt. I'm excited to have an excuse to go fabric shopping now!! However, I'm not taken aback by the challenge. Yes, I have a list of other projects, but I want to try something new.

So, here's to something new.

-Until next time


What A Great Idea!

I love a good challenge - especially when it involves playing with fabric and thread. Here's my meager black and white stash. Three lonely fat quarters. No big deal. It's only November 23 and I have plenty of time to shop.
After spending the last two days trying to decide what I want to make I have decided to make a series of coffee cup blocks for displaying over the cabinets in our kitchen. If you click here you can see what our kitchen looks like after we painted it earlier this summer. You'll notice the Coffee Time mosaic back splash behind the sink. I made this mosaic about five years ago and it is the centerpiece of our kitchen (although it probably needs a better place to hang).

I think I'll be using a cranberry color for my third color. That should bring a "pop" of color into the kitchen.

Thanks Jackie for hosting this challenge. I'm wondering if you've given any thought to hosting a black and white fabric swap during the year. Wouldn't it be fun to swap some of our fabrics with others?

Sweet P

Thank you.....

Thank you everyone for your kind words, I think I have a plan ,well at least in my mind!!!


hey yall.

i'm SUPER excited about this challenge.
{thanks jackie for letting me be a part of it!!!}

wanna know what this challenge made me realize???
i do not own ANY, that's right ANY, black fabrics!!!
and for that matter...not even anything other than plain white!!!
i know!!! and i call myself a quilter.

i pretty much have every other color on the planet.
weird ain't i???

so with this challenge comes a shopping trip!!!

and for now...pattern searching i go.

p.s. and as of right clue what my 3rd color will be.

A Little Inspiration...

Hi Everyone,

I thought I would just share with you some of my B & W quilts that I have made in the past for inspiration.

This first one you will recognize as our sidebar picture. Lots of fun to make and I liked the results.
This next one was my most recent creation made at my quilt retreat. Some of you will remember seeing on my last post on my blog. I love the lime green.

This one was with hot pink. I took this picture while it was on the design wall. Since then it has border and cornerstones in hot pink. Jane this one is definite inspiration for you!!

This last one is not a good picture, but I think you get the idea. I made this one out of softer pinks and donated it to go towards breast cancer research and Susan G. Komen Foundation. It is up for sale at the Gone Quilting website. The proceeds will benefit Susan G. Komen. If you are interested check it out.

How is that for some inspiration?


Black and White and ? ? ?

I'm excited about this quilt challenge. I haven't decided what my colour will be, but I have several ideas in mind. Good luck to everyone!


Burning the Midnight Oil

Hello everyone! Thanks for including me in this challenge, I can tell already it is going to be fun. If I choose grey as my third color will you all call me a purist? :)

I don't even have a clue yet what I want to make, but my goal is to have a plan before January ends.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Third Color....

I was at the store today, and I picked up my third color for the challenge. thought I would share it with you.

Have a nice Saturday!

Black and White Stash

Hello all,
First off, thanks for coming up with this idea, Jackie! Here's my stash of blacks and whites. I would have more but I really control myself. I love them. I think my favorite is the black dots on white that P&B came up with years ago. It goes with everything. I don't know what I am going to make yet but will probably use red or hot pink for the accent color, or yellow.
x, Marianne

A Place to Start

I have no idea yet what project I'll make and haven't even decided on the color to add. My artistic daughter will be home for Thanksgiving so I'll get her input. This is my stash. Small, I know. I did make a black, white and pink quilt for my daughter when she graduated from high school. I asked her to bring it home so I can share it.

~Piecefully, Stephanie

Friday, November 21, 2008

How Fun.......

First, thank you Jackie! At first I did not think I had the time to do this but the idea was just to much fun to pass up!! I have a ton of black and white fabrics, but I have no idea what pattern I am going to use; but Hot Pink will be my contrasting color. thanks again Jackie!!
Here is a picture of a Black & White Quilt I saw at a show a few weeks ago, now for me, that is inspiration!!

I do love a challenge!

My name is Liz and love a challenge! Thanks Jackie for setting this up for us! I have a nice assortment of black and white fabric and my one color choice will be turquoise. The above picture is a quilt I had sumitted to the Fons and Porter baby quilt challenge. I called it, Black and White with a little bit of Bright. It didnt win but somewhere in Lynchburg Va there is a very warm and very stimulated little boy! I look forward to posting my Black and White challenge pieces!
(mauh) Liz

Pulled From Stash

What fun! First I want to thank Jackie for starting this blog, and putting forth this new challege to us. I've been wanting to make one of these quilts for a while now, so this will give me the reason.
Not sure what pattern I'm going with yet.. or the contrasting color. But these are ALL the black and whites I have in this entire house. Well.. I'm sure there are probably other solid whites. But these are the only prints.

I'm wishing I had enough time to get two of them made before Christmas. But that's not happening. They will be for my two grown boys who never get quilts made by Mom.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is doing!

College Quilt

This is the black and white quilt I am going to work on for my daughter before she goes to college.
I have it pieced but I still need to sandwich it and decide how to quilt it.
I am thinking of making the binding a rich red to make it pop.
I hope to make a matching runner and some throw pillows to go with it.
If I get creative enough, a wall hanging would be nice.
She picked this pattern. It came out to be queen size so quilting it will be a challenge.
I am open to ideas as to how to quilt it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Challenge

*********The Challenge is now officially CLOSED . The blog only allows 100 authors and we have reached that amount. But I invite you who would still like to participate to please do so on your own an post about it on your personal blogs. We would all love to be inspired. Thank you for your interested in joining my challenge and I look forward to a year of wonderful work!************************

Welcome to the Black and White Quilt Challenge Project. Please enjoy all the wonderful posts over the next year and seeing what all participants are creating!

So here is the deal....

1. You need to create something with black and white fabric and add onlyONE color.

2. It can be a quilt, a wearable, a tote, really whatever you like.

3. You have a whole year to complete your project.

4. If you choose, you can make multiple projects over the year.

If you would like to join me as well as, Eileen, Stephanie, Jacquie,Annemarie, and Henny, just leave a comment on this post letting me know and I will send an invite to become a team member for the new blog and you can start posting at anytime.

Oh and I almost forgot that Jane has an offer on some Black and White fabric....
I have an offer for you in my eBay store I have a set of 30 black and white fat quarters on sale, if anyone from your challenges says they are in your challenge, I will take $5 off the price.

Also, you can put the picture that is on my sidebar on your blog with a link back to the new blog. That way anyone can join in at any time during the next year.