Friday, November 21, 2008

College Quilt

This is the black and white quilt I am going to work on for my daughter before she goes to college.
I have it pieced but I still need to sandwich it and decide how to quilt it.
I am thinking of making the binding a rich red to make it pop.
I hope to make a matching runner and some throw pillows to go with it.
If I get creative enough, a wall hanging would be nice.
She picked this pattern. It came out to be queen size so quilting it will be a challenge.
I am open to ideas as to how to quilt it.


Eileen said...

Wow.. you've got a good headstart. Are you going to machine or hand quilt it? That is huge!

Fiesta said...

machine. It is for college and much too big to hand quilt. I need some ideas for quilting.

Jackie said...

I love this one very dramatic!! Great inspiration!

Stephanie said...

Nice. You're going to be the first one done! Happy quilting.

Fiesta said...

my quilts sit on the quilting table a veryyyyyyyyyy long time. Finding the quilting inspiration is very hard for me.

Marianne said...

That's my biggest hurdle to my quilts is the quilting part. I need a longarm!!! I would just stitch diagonal lines or in the ditch particularly if it's going to college.

rachel griffith said...

i love the pale pink.
such a beauty.