Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pulling Fabrics

Thank you so much for including me in this fun challenge! I've been looking for an inspiration (kick in the pants) to get me working through my black and white stash. I didn't even realize how well this group ties in with my guild's Spring challenge until I started pulling fabrics this morning.

Originally I was thinking of doing "Completely Dotty" in Black and White and Green/Turquoise/Blue. I was going to call it "Green Revolution". I got to thinking about how our world has changed completely over the last few years and how if we keep going 'green' we'll be able to keep our skies blue! That led me to trying to incorporate my guild challenge fabrics into my stack of fabrics. The theme for this year's Guild Challenge is "Like Night and Day" and we received three great fabrics in our packages: two black and whites and one blue, black and white fabric (Califon Mark Lapinski’s Home Collection # 3003, # 3005 and Mark Lapinski’s Krakow Collection 3014). In the photo the B/Ws have already been incorporated into the stash and the blue is the second one from the bottom.

Of course once I added these new fabrics to my pile my colour changed completely from green to blue. Now I need a new title lol! And maybe even a new design. Back to the old drawing board.


Jackie said...

Mitzi... OMG your B& W stash is like mine!! See the post below. I also am planning on doing the Completely Dotty quilt. But I was going to do it in brights just like they had it, because I loved it that way. But what a great idea to use it in this challenge, of course if you don't change your pattern.

Mitzi Zohar said...

Thanks Jackie! I haven't quite caught up to your gorgeous B&W stash yet, although I did find that I just had to add to it today. I felt that there was not enough white with just a little black in my collection. As I look back at my photo I realize that I was out of my mind! I have more than enough to get started! I too think that I am going to end up doing multiple projects with all these fabrics.

Kritta22 said...

Two birds with one stone!! Love it!

PS I wish I was your neighbor so I can just come look at your fabric stashes!

Kritta22 said...

Is a completely dotty quilt all dots?

Fred said...

I think the Piece o cake quilt is made with only dotty fabrics. My stash isn't quite that huge!

henny said... many!