Monday, November 24, 2008

My B&W Challenge Fabrics

First.....thanks Jackie for challenging us. This is certainly a challenge for me. I don't normally use black and white fabrics. I think I'm going to enjoy this!! I just have to decide on what other color I'm going to use. Will it be hot pink? Or red???

And here are my black and white fabrics....nearly all of them. I probably have a few black prints somewhere in the stash. Maybe some leftovers from Bonnie's Orange Crush Mystery. I participated in a Noodle Swap quite a while back and never did anything with them.

I was also given some fabrics for my 40th birthday. I took most of them and made a top from them. Yeah, it's "summer weight quilt". But, I'll be using the leftovers in this challenge. Even making a B&W quilt, I went a bit traditional!

And finally, if anyone is interested....I found this "skull and crossbones" noodle in the stash. I don't want it in my challenge quilt, but if one of you would be interested, I'll send it to you for free! LOL Different strokes for different folks. Just comment here or e-mail me.


Jackie said...

Hi Paula, Great fabrics!! You have a nice variety. I can't wait to see your "color". If you really don't want the skull fabric, I'll take it. It is kind of out of the ordinary, so to speak.

Anina said...

Wow, I really need to get out there and go shop!
Lovely fabrics!