Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanks for letting me join.

If nothing else, I have an extensive black & white stash... I even have one or two black & white "kits" at the ready... But I will have to verify their one color status. (I know that one is hot pink with a touch of lime.)

I love that this is a year long project. With a babe on the way in 2 days, I will need a year to complete "anything" or so I am told.

I have a couple ideas in my head for "what to do" but then again, I have been collecting black & white fabrics for a long time, so...

What got you "into" black & whites? I think I first fell in like with the positive negative aspect - so I usually have the black on white and the white on black versions. Oh & I am a recovering cat fabric collector - so I have quite a few black & white cat prints. :o)

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Jackie said...

Glad to have you aboard!! I have collected many Black and White fabrics too and plan on posting what I have. Many of them are cat related too!! I can't wait to see what you come up with!