Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thank you for letting me play. . . .

Good Morning All:

Thank you, Jackie, for letting me play with all of the fellow Black & White & one color challenge.

I have participated in many doll quilt sized swaps in the past so I am thinking that I may do a series of doll quilts using a different "accent" color in each one.

I do have a question though. . . .is the one color just to be one fabric, or can we use all the value variations of a single color (ex. butter yellow, medium yellow and gold, etc.)?

It should be fun to start seeing what everyone comes up with to make!

Happy Thanksgiving (to those who celebrate it) and Happy Quilting to everyone!

In peace & pieces,

Sherry V.


Jackie said...

Hi Sherry, I like my quilts scrappy and if you scroll down to the post before yours, you will see what I am using. I chose orange and I am using 2 fabrics that are the same value. But both are orange. I think that choosing one fabric may be easier, but more in the same color is more of a challenge. I hope this answers you question. Ultimately, you need to decide what makes you most comfortable and will make you happy in the end. Good luck and I can't wait to see what you will be making.

Kritta22 said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!
I'm looking forward to seeing your doll quilts!

henny said...

Hi sherry,
thanks for your comment to my post. Ok, never be a "silly" question then.. :)
Really, it's fantastic to know everybody here would help each other (very important for beginner) in quilting. have a nice day!