Monday, November 24, 2008

What to do...

My favorite part of quilting is deciding what to do.
My second favorite part is pulling fabrics!

So I was thinking to myself, "Self, you have a lot of quilt show/quilt inspiration photos, you should take a look there for some inspitaration."

So I did & look what I found:
Picture 038

I would not use the orange/yellows - but I love the scrappy black & whites. I think this would be cool with 1 single piece of colored fabric so that you could see its value change based upon the black & white that you surrounded it with...

At quilt shows, I am drawn to black & white based quilts, so I have several photos in my flickr. Would anyone mind if I posted some here for inspiration?


Jackie said...

I love this quilt!! Please post more inspirational quilts. I would love to see them!!

Anina said...

Wow! That's lovely!

rachel griffith said...

that's a nifty quilt!!!

i say bring on the inspiration!!!


Amy @ Park City Girl said...

i would love to see more inspiration too :) This one is beautiful!