Thursday, December 31, 2009

Skating in under the deadline... kind of.

I worked all week on getting this top made and finished it this evening. I guess technically it's not a finish because it's not quilted, but this is as finished as most of my quilts ever get. LOL!
I loved watching everyone post their projects and learned a lot this past year. Thank you everyone, and most of all, Jackie for all the work you put into this. It was really fun and inspirational.

You can read more about it at my blog:


Jackie said...

Yay! One more for 2009! Here I am just a little after midnight. Great quilt!! Happy New Year!

Maria said...

Love your top. The clours work really well with the black and white.

concretenprimroses said...

Hi, I just looked at a lot of your quilts on this blog.
Wonderful! I had so much fun. I'm a closet "wish I did it" patchwork piecer who has decided to just enjoy others work for the time being. Love the concept of B&W quilt blog too.
Thank you for posting about my goose.

prashant said...

Thanks for doing this. I still have to post my pictures!!

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Pat said...

I love that quilt. It is so pretty. You do nice wowrk. The fabrics are beautiful.

Barbara Jean said...

found you
scrolled down on here till i saw your name

thanks for coming by
how great that you decorate your mantle with your kids!!

will hop on over to your place and see what is up

great idea about flowers in candlesticks!


barbara jean

henny said...

Awesome quilt, pretty colors!!