Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Finally a Showing for 2009

Hi everyone, I have finally had the time to post my black/white with a touch of pink for 2009. This little quilt measured 24x24 that I made for a quilt swap. It is now with its new owner and she is very happy with it. I will be making a full size quilt in the coming year. I have really enjoyed looking at all the lovely quilts and bags that have been made. Can't wait to see what everyone does this coming year with the theme.



Lisa said...

Oh, funny! I am working on my quilt and it is exactly these colors. I love them! Your quilt is adorable.

Jackie said...

Wonderful quilt to meet the challenge! Can't wait to see the larger one to come.

kimbuktu said...

Very nice!

I like the B&W with a touch of color. Somewhere in my UFO pile there is a B&W quilt with a small red heart. I must dig it out this year.

prashant said...

Love the concept of B&W quilt blog too.
Thank you for posting about my goose.

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