Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Black and White and Red Zig-Zag

The whole thing, 66" X 96", hanging on the quilt wall in the kitchen this afternoon.

Closeup of my LA quilter's excellent idea for the quilting pattern.

Small view of the background B&W batik while I was putting on the binding.

This has several different Reds.
The Zig-Zag pattern is a simple two-rail fence explained into a zig-zag by Amandajean at http://crazymomquilts.blogspot.com .

Sara Homeyer


belinda said...

Oh My By Gosh...I feel faint over
this wonderful quilt!!! The way
you quilted it is FABULOUS!!! You go girl!!!

Ethne said...

Oh another lovely challenge quilt - it's simply stunning

Lisa said...

This is awesome! I love how bold it is!

I have also made a zig-zag quilt using that tutorial, but I changed some of it a little bit. Doesn't it make this pattern go FAST? So clever to have no HST. I HATE triangles.

Anyway, great job!

prashant said...

another lovely challenge quilt - it's simply stunning

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