Sunday, January 31, 2010



Last year my grandson was talking a lot of “Oink” – I am not quite sure if it still is there– but is/was a music website.

I decided to make him a wall quilt

Oink 3


Oink 5


kimbuktu said...

Very cool! Soon I will have grandchildren of the teen age, yikes!
Hope I can be a cool grandma too.

henny said...

Wow, cool quilt and cool grandma!

Kate said...

Thank you - I am sure you both will be great and cool grandmothers,

Chrissie said...

Jeetje, dat is mooi, het lijkt wel ET.
Heel apart knuf Chrissie

Wservir said...
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solomi558 said...

Some very nice quilts here, I will come back again ,thankyou for your comments on my blog --cottonreel

prashant said...

cool quilt and cool grandma!
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Good Earth Quilting said...

Very nice, love this quilting, oh my, I'm going to have to follow you. Thanks for this awesome inspiration!

harada57 said...

I will come back again