Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Black & White (lotsa photos)

There were quite a few black & white quilts to behold at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival last weekend.
While most of them do not add 1 color, you can easily see where a bit of color could have been added to them like on this one:
DSC06539.JPG Do you see the lady?
I still can't believe that this was hung correctly.
& then there were these ones that fit the challenge to a "T!"
DSC06446.JPG (If you ignore the border print.)


Carla said...

Those are great. Thanks for all the pics. It looks like the first one has a red border and a touch of red in one spot on the quilt.

Stephanie said...

Very eye catching. Thanks for sharing.

Jackie said...

They are terrific! great inspiration! don't forget to post them on the Flickr group!

Agapequilt said...

The quiltses are very beautiful, but they is very sad.

Lonci said...

Very very beautiful:)

Daisy Julz said...

Very eye catching. Black and White Heaven. Thanks for sharing.

Quilts by Lisa said...

Wow! These are good pics. I am IN LOVE with the B/W pair. They look almost like Picasso-inspired stained glass windows (if stained glass windows were b/w quilts!). Amazing!!!

The Calico Cat said...

The "pair" of picasso-esque quilts portrays two women - in opposites. I pointed out some of the features on the photo in the flickr album...

Miri said...

Thanks for sharing...felt like being in a corner of the show!

Leah/ Texas/ United States said...

my favorite is the one with the crosses that go from black to white.

Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

These quilts are great!!! Thank you for sharing them with us all :)
Speaking of sharing ... thank you for coming by my blog :) Please visit again often :) As I know I will be back to visit you and your wonderful work :)