Sunday, September 27, 2009

Finally a black and white finish!


I was one of the first to sign up for this challenge. Did I get any black and white and turqouise done? nooooooooooo, at least not yet! but I did get this sweet little tote done from a online tutorial from one of my favorite bloggers! Happy Zombie they are made from 3 FQs and are very quick to make up! This little tote is black and white and bits of yellow. the yellow is the centers of the daiseys . Pop over to her website and get the FREE pdf file!

Keep On Stitch'n On! (mauh) Liz A Redneck Dingbat Quilter


Maggie A said...

You are doing better than me - I also signed up at the beginning and haven't finished a thing! m :-)

Carla said...

Cute! I've only finished one project.

Jackie said...

Very cute! Congrats on a finish!

henny said...

Very pretty bag..:)